Our STEAM School Services


Includes all of the materials required to implement the iCreate STEAM curriculum.


Includes materials for an already existing STEAM curriculum.


A Kit Customized according to the organization’s needs

Why Choose STEAM Innovation?

Professional development for teachers:

Our services provide professional development opportunities for teachers, helping them develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively teach STEAM subjects. This can improve student outcomes and engagement, as well as increase teacher confidence and job satisfaction.

Innovative teaching strategies:

Our services introduce Pre-K and elementary schools to innovative teaching strategies that incorporate STEAM education, such as project-based learning. These teaching strategies can help students develop problem-solving skills, creativity, and collaboration abilities, which are valuable for success in many areas of life.

Developmentally appropriate lesson plans:

Our services provide Pre-K and elementary schools with developmentally appropriate STEAM lesson plans that align with the unique needs and abilities of young learners. This can help ensure that students are engaged in learning and developing new skills, without becoming frustrated or overwhelmed.

Cutting-edge technology resources:

Our services provide Pre-K and elementary schools with access to cutting-edge technology resources. These resources can enhance the learning experience for students and help them develop technology skills that are increasingly important in today’s workforce.

At STEAM Innovation, we believe that every child deserves access to high-quality educational resources.

Our STEAM kits are designed to provide young learners with the tools they need to succeed, both in the classroom and beyond. By promoting curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking, we can help young innovators reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

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